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Supplying high quality synthetic and natural aroma chemicals, we can offer technical advice and delivery from our extensive UK stock within 3 days. We cover fragrance, flavours and cosmetics, exclusively distributing for the following principals in the UK Market.

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24 January 2024

NEW! Yuzu and Japanese Oils

We are pleased to announce that we are now stocking yuzu oil in the UK! With our new supplier, Ogawa & Co., we are delighted to offer a variety of Japanese citrus and wood oils to the UK market. Ogawa were founded in 1893 as an importer and seller of aroma ingredients. Over the years, […]


11 December 2023

Stort’s Ingredients for 2024 Fragrance Trends

The heart of our F&F division for 35 years, fragrance continues to be a fascinating, compelling industry with some nostalgic comebacks set for 2024. The fragrance trends of 2024 are expected to be focussed on transparency and sustainability, concentrating on foodie gourmands, aquatic florals and bottled therapy in-line with the beauty wellness trend. Currently worth […]


26 September 2023

Organic September: Our Organic Essential Oils and Why They’re Good for You and the Environment

Organic September is a month-long campaign focussed on raising awareness of the hard-work and dedication that goes into organic farming and the benefits to our health and the environment. Emissions from fossil-fuel based nitrogen fertilisers are contributing significantly to the climate emergency. Despite this, the UK government’s current net-zero strategy does not include any plan […]


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