*NEW* Deblocking Agents from Maflon

3 April 2024

Maflon have added a new, exciting range of deblocking agents to their extensive portfolio of blocked polyisocyanates. These fluorine- and formaldehyde-free products offer a more efficient, energy-saving crosslinking solution.

The main attraction to these new deblocking agents is the lower temperatures (as low as 74°C) required to unblock and form crosslinking isocyanates. In conjunction with being free from DMP, DIPA and MEKO, these additives are safer to use and, therefore, have a wider range of potential applications.

Generally, Maflon’s blocked polyisocyanates offer the following properties:

  • Improve Durable Water Repellence (DWR) effect
  • Improve soil resistance on textiles and leather
  • Improve resistance to chemical and environmental attack
  • Enhance lamination and adhesion of coatings
  • Improve durability of coatings & adhesives in aqueous-pad applications
  • Pigment fixing & printing

Hydrosin B-03

The only aromatic cross-linker of the series with 28-32% active substance. Hydrosin B-03 offers an outstanding improvement as a fixing agent and crosslinker with very low deblocking temperature, starting at 74°C.

Hydrosin B-04

A new water-based cross-linking agent with the ability to use in conjunction with fluorinated and non-fluorinated products to improve washing durability. Deblocking starts at 110°C.

Hydrosin B-05

The bio-based offering in the new range is an aliphatic, waterborne cross-linker that improved general properties of finishes, coatings and prints. This includes improved hydro and oil repellence and wash fastness at a deblocking temperature starting at 99°C.

For more information, pricing and samples on this new range, please contact your account manager.