NEW! Yuzu and Japanese Oils

24 January 2024

We are pleased to announce that we are now stocking yuzu oil in the UK! With our new supplier, Ogawa & Co., we are delighted to offer a variety of Japanese citrus and wood oils to the UK market.

Ogawa were founded in 1893 as an importer and seller of aroma ingredients. Over the years, they have gradually evolved into a manufacturer of flavour and fragrance ingredients and have been manufacturing essential oils and extracts in Japan since 1941.

Along with their own sustainable farms, Ogawa are also partnered with the agricultural cooperative and local juice manufactures for their authentic Japanese ingredients.


Yuzu oil has been increasing in popularity in both flavours and fragrances over the last few years and growth is expected to continue at a significant rate. This is largely driven by the increasing consumer demand for natural and organic products. In addition, yuzu has also found itself popular due to its unique fragrance and numerous health benefits.

Historically, the yuzu fruit originated in China, but has been used in Japan since ancient times. People would take what is called “yuzuyu”, a hot bath with yuzu oil that was thought to ward off winter illnesses, such as cold & flu. Now, the invigorating citrus aroma is one of the top oils for anxiety and stress relief, promoting mental clarity and uplifting one’s mood.

Other benefits include high antioxidant and vitamin C content, promoting skin health and collagen production. With its anti-inflammatory functionality, yuzu is also believed to reduce signs of ageing, making it a favoured skincare ingredient.

Ogawa’s cutting-edge technology allows them to extract every last drop of scent from the peel. With several types of yuzu, we can offer an ingredient to suit any application.

Table of Yuzu oil types & descriptions

Our other favourites

Along with the yuzu oil, Ogawa offer a range of Japanese oils and extracts. We have listed some of our favourites below!

Table of Japanese oils & descriptions

For a full product list from Ogawa, samples, and pricing, please contact our team.