Vibrantz Pearls™: A sustainable, economical, water-less tinting fix

19 December 2023

Vibrantz Technologies have announced their $20 million investment in Pearls™ with a dedicated facility in Sittard, Netherlands. Over the next two years, Vibrantz plans to increase their global Pearls™ production capacity 20-fold to 1.2 million litres per year, putting them at the forefront of meeting sustainability, performance and cost demands of colourant producers worldwide.

With increasing restrictions and regulations surrounding colourants, clients are calling for high performance, sustainable tinting solutions. Enter Vibrantz Pearls™, the industry’s first and only volumetrically dosed tinting system using solid colourants.

The solid form of Pearls™ makes these products more sustainable by their nature. They are biocide and VOC free with a longer shelf life compared to standard colourants, resulting in less waste. In standard systems, the absence of VOC can result in mould formation, increased sedimentation and extended colourant drying times. Using Pearls™ solves this!

It is not just the colourants that have had an upgrade, but the tinting system as well, helping drive sustainability through the entire chain. With lower waste and reduced maintenance, a smaller carbon footprint is expected for paint production using Pearls™. The Pearls™ system is also simple to service and easier to clean. All these benefits result in a lower cost of ownership overall, estimated to save up to 10% in the system’s lifetime.

Alongside these benefits, Vibrantz have certainly not let performance slide. The uniform shape and narrow particle size of the Pearls™ offers remarkable tinting accuracy and a reduced rate of mistints. Cutting down the need for additives makes the highly soluble Pearls™ easier to use in your existing process with low impact on properties of the end-product.

With the new site breaking ground in 2024, there are investment deals to be had on the first 200 machines to be manufactured next year. Please contact our Vibrantz product manager, Jim Bell, for further details!