Stort’s Ingredients for 2024 Fragrance Trends

11 December 2023

The heart of our F&F division for 35 years, fragrance continues to be a fascinating, compelling industry with some nostalgic comebacks set for 2024. The fragrance trends of 2024 are expected to be focussed on transparency and sustainability, concentrating on foodie gourmands, aquatic florals and bottled therapy in-line with the beauty wellness trend. Currently worth $2.34 billion, the UK fragrance industry is expected to see a CAGR of 1.57% between now and 2028!

Scent Trends


As seen in the BSP new fragrances round-up, this year’s releases are heavy on gourmands! We’re going full foodie, tying in with the nostalgic, comforting products consumers are looking for. Think sweet treats and vanilla heavy, such as Yum Pistachio Gelata by Kayali or Bake by Akro Fragrances. The emotive nature of these sentimental smells appears to be a peference in a cost-of-living crisis to increase consumers fragrance priority.

White Florals

Consumers are looking for feel good, mood lifting fragrances and 2024 is prime for the joyful spring energy of aquatic florals. Stimulating and refreshing, these fragrances focus on lily, iris and lotus notes embodying blooming gardens in a cool breeze. For example, Divine by Gaultier displays aquatic floral notes with a gourmand base alongside Fleur de Lys at the heart.


The spices and incense trend appears to be tying into consumers’ desire for escapism. These fragrant spices transport the consumer to exotic places with the use of cardamom, basil, clove and pepper for example. This has also shown in the rise of Ouds, once mainly popular in the middle east, these rich woody notes are finding their way into western, artisan perfumery. Peppers, in particular, are popping up in many launches including Lineage by Amouage and Eau de Audacity by Penhaligons.


This one links us back to our comforting, nostalgic trends. Once-upon-a-time, warm fragrances would only be for winter, but now we’re looking for year-round warmth and cosiness. This includes musks, ouds and vanilla but particularly focussed on warm ambers. Releases include CH Pasion For Him by C. Herrera and Burberry’s Goddess featuring a vanilla base note.

Material Trends

Transparency & Ethical Sourcing

Although naturals continue to grow at a steady pace, consumers are more focussed on responsible sourcing and want the brands they choose to be transparent about where their ingredients come from and ensure that they are making ethical decisions. Sustainability is a top priority from refillable bottles, plastic free packaging to sustainable ingredients such as Borregaard’s EuroVanillin Supreme. In addition, upcycled ingredients are a big trend for 2024 along with renewable carbon.

Durability & Value

Many of the trends for this year are pushed by the cost-of-living crisis, and this one is no different. With brands releasing intense, powerful versions of their best sellers, such as Prada Paradoxe and Prada Paradoxe Intense, consumers are wanting more bang for their buck. Although luxuries like Fragrance are lower down on people’s priority list, we are willing to splash out a little more for high quality, long-lasting products. Bedoukian Research Inc. specialise in high-impact ingredients, making intense formulations even easier.

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